Thyra is my original character that I want to bring to life. This page will share a bit of details about her.

Thyra is a curious water dragon. She's rather playful and kind. She's not easily agitated but once she is, she'll not hesitate to blast her stored water towards whoever had it coming. Being kind, she'll also happily cuddle with anyone who wants to. Lastly, she's a bit lazy and can usually be found casually floating on water, or sleeping somewhere in the shade on some cold rocks.

Her body is made of white smooth scales. The smoothness of her scales actually makes her appear rather shiny. But besides her mostly white appearance, she has several groups of light blue spots reminiscent of freckles. It's said that she got these due to some radiation on her homeland. It must be noted that she seems to be the only water dragon of her kind to feature these and it has been a topic of many discussions, both good and bad.

Meanwhile, her face and back break this perfect white body with blue and greenish larger scales. Her kind is well known for the irregular scales. It is said these larger scales are more hardened to protect against foes. But besides the functional part, they also look rather majestic.

Furthermore, one of her more defining features is a transparent belly that showcases her stored water. Being a water dragon, she likes to drink water and purify it. It's actually unknown why she likes to do this so much (water dragons do drink water, but merely to blast it out in need), but she is rather well known for her clean water. The transparent belly actually allows others to see how she meticulously cleans water which is quite fascinating.

Being a dragon, she also features 2 large wings she sometimes uses to fly. She doesn't really like flying and rather wants to swim in the water if possible. She thinks the higher altitude takes a lot of energy to fly at and dries her out too much. She did notice that her wings are suitable to keep her warm during the night, so while sleeping she's usually comfortably covered by her wings. These wings also turn out to be great for cuddling. When others are in danger or scared, she won't hesitate to comfort by putting them under her wings.

On her tail, also as a feature of her kind, she has a wide membrane. It allows her to control her swimming, but also provides a fan function during hot weather. While many think water dragons should not really be affected by hotter climates, this is actually not true. Due to their water absorbing skin, they are susceptible to drying out quicker through that same skin.

Thankfully, her previously mentioned transparent belly actually helps her to stay hydrated as the transparent skin doesn't absorb water. She can easily redirect her absorbed water to this “reservoir” to prevent herself from drying out. But she'll still much prefer a bit colder climate so she can just lie down on a rock.