Render of a white dragon with blue and pink details, laying on her back. Front paws suggesting she wants to cuddle someone lying on her belly.
Photograph of a white dragon with blue and pink details, laying on grass.
Distended Polygon
Distended Polygon & Thyra

A big white dergess laying on her back. She has arms that want to cuddle you and provides you with a lovely big belly to float on. In the water, she's very stable and through inflated wings, you can easily climb up to her belly. While she is waiting for you, she'll look at you with faint hearts in her eyes till you give her company. To aid with a more intimate inflation feel, her main valve is located on her neck, so you can manually fill her up as you're relaxing on her belly.

She features a pastel-inspired colorscheme. Her belly has big blue scales that move into several heart motifs as she's all for cuddling you.

Construction wise, she features many chambers. This allows precise pressure management of all her details. Wing membranes (head and body) can be optionally inflated for more depth.